Saturday, April 24, 2010

Roasting a chicken

The kitchen is the place where we transform nature into something we can eat. It is therefore also the place where nature transformed transforms us.  It is a place where civilization begins. But this space is not about philosophy, we mostly wish to record recipes for family food, comfort food. So here goes:

Chicken, whole with insides removed, 3 lbs
Ginger, thumbsized, chopped
Pepper, half a hot, with seeds removed, chopped fine

Sugar, brown, 2 heaping tablespoons
Salt, half teaspoon
Soy sauce, light, 2 tablespoons

Mix all seasonings with about one-third cup of water. Stuff a teaspoon of seasoning in between each leg and thigh and  breastbone, under the skin. Put some seasoning into the inside cavity. Pour the rest over legs and wings, and leave covered in the refrigerator overnight.

Next day, heat oven to 350. Put the chicken on baking dish, breast side up. Reserve seasonings and liquid in the bowl. Cook for half an hour. Turn chicken over, with back side up. Pour the rest of the seasonings over back, making sure to cover skin on legs and wings. Cook for 20 minutes. Add cup of water to the dish around the chicken. Every 15 minutes after, baste the chicken with the sauce in the dish. Continue to cook up to two hours, basting, until the bird is beautifully brown and smells scrumptious.  Cool before cutting. If you are brown meat eaters, and the breast remains, keep it for chicken salad.

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