Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pee-wah!! Petit petit Pee-wah!

These fruits of certain palm trees are in season now - hanging in branches at vegetable stalls. Buy a branch of peewah, take each spherical fruit off the stems, and boil in water to cover for 20-30 minutes, add salt (other seasonings optional - garlic, pepper) and eat! Each orange fruit carries a single seed - a little black marble - which can be cracked, and the white meat inside (tastes like coconut) eaten. As a special appetizer, boil some peewahs, cut each one in two, remove the seed. Put a little grated cheese in each centre, broil and serve.


  1. I love these! Didn't know you could eat the inside of the seed though.

    There are some sweet potatoes, grown in western Canada, that have a flavour close to the flavour of Peewah! I was so surprised the first time I ate one, at the taste and the texture too.

  2. yes, I love peewah, Margaret told me about all the peewah she was eating at Trinidad, can add lots of thyme, and onions, and even spanish thyme, you do with corn. They give such good flavour.