Friday, December 10, 2010

Pig foot Souse

Souse is a method of seasoning that uses lime juice and hot pepper. You can "souse" chicken feet, pig feet or tuna tails. All of these parts become gelatinous and yield a spicy soup that is flavourful and rich in calcium extracted from the bones. Start with fresh ingredients and your souse is sure to be a hit at festive brunch meals, Christmas or Carnival.

Pig's feet, cleaned and cut up, 2-3 pounds
Ginger, thumb sized piece
Garlic, 3 cloves
Hot pepper, slices
Onion, large, sliced
Lime, one large or two small, juice
Salt, teaspoon or to taste
Cucumber, 2-3 sliced

Boil the pieces in water to cover. When water is bubbling, remove from heat, drain away water and froth, cool and clean by cutting away fat and hairy pieces.

Put pork pieces into a pressure cooker with water to cover. Add slices of ginger. Cover, and cook under high pressure for 10 to 15 minutes. Allow to cool. When you can open the pot, add salt, garlic, and a couple slices hot pepper. Bring to the boil again making sure you have enough liquid to just cover the meat. When bubbling, add sliced onion. Remove from heat and allow to cook. Add lime juice and fresh cucumber when the soup is warm. Serve warm or cold with crusty French bread. Serve three or four pieces of pork in a bowl with the soup, garnished with onion rings and cucumber slices.

(For the photo here, not much soup was put into the bowl to allow you to see the pork parts.)

Bony pieces cooked til tender and "soused" with lime juice, onions and cucumber

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  1. Delicious!! one of my favourite Trini comfort foods,...when I get pig's feet, I tend to just boil them in loads of ginger and eat them like that.....
    Here in Italy there is a similar dish made with tendons,(nerveti) which are boiled in onion and garlic until soft, and left to cool, so that everything turns to gelatine,... the whole block of it is then cut into small cubes, and seasoned with vinegar and vinegared vegetables and fresh onions, reminds me alot of souse and very delicious too!!