Thursday, August 1, 2013

Poolowri with Mango Chutney

In mango season, you may not believe the variety of mangoes that may be available: rose, vert, zabico, dou-douce and starch some of the old-fashioned favourites. Julie is the all-time classic - and anyone lucky enough to have a tree over 30 years old (in Woodbrook or Diego Martin) will appreciate how wonderful the fruit become as the trees grow older. Those who like "bellyful" enjoy the big mangoes, calabash, graham. One of my favourites is what I call stone. Others tell me it's like buxton spice, or known in Venezuela as bulls balls. The stone tree has been fruitful this year. They are tangy-sweet mangoes, with no string; good flavour for an uncooked chutney which can be made the lazy way - with the blender. Purists will insist on grating their green mangoes for the chutney - it's definitely got more body, but the blender version is quick and just as good on meat, fish or puhlowri.

Waiting for the stone mangoes to ripen? Use them green in chutney!

Green but full mangoes, three
Garlic, one or two grains
Salt, half teaspoon
Sugar, heaping tablespoon
Chadon beni leaves, three or four
Hot pepper, piece

Peel mangoes, and cut up flesh, discard the seeds. Blend everything together.  Bottle and refrigerate. Or serve immediately with freshly fried poolowri. This chutney is uncooked with no preservatives, and should be consumed within a few days.

Chop up your green but full mangoes.

Blend your mango with pepper for an uncooked chutney!

(Puhlowree, poolowri, puloowri ... not sure of the spelling but you know what I mean!)

Chick pea powder, one and half cups
Flour, half cup
Garlic, two grains minced fine
Baking soda, two heaping teaspoons
Curry powder, heaping tablespoon
Salt, half teaspoon or to taste
Coconut oil for cooking, cup or enough for frying

Mix all dry ingredients together (top six). Add water to form a very thick paste, mix well and set aside for an hour. This makes about two dozen.

Heat oil in a deep pot. Drop the batter by teaspoonsful into the hot oil. Fry until golden and drain on absorbent paper. Serve hot with mango chutney.

Golden puhlowris: sauce them with tamarind chutney or mango chutney!

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