Friday, March 16, 2018

Basic Bread for Jahson

This is the simplified version to Overnight Bread ( which can be prepared with your eyes closed. Variations of whole wheat to white flour; liquid (water, whole or soured milk, coconut milk); and oven temperature (375 is a softer bread; 410 is crusty) and time in the oven (45 minutes chewy; 60 minutes for drier crumb). It's almost impossible to spoil bread; and the more you bake you understand how far you can go in any direction: liquid, heat, time!

This is an "all white" version baked at higher temp; the technique for cutting is on a diameter; then to slice perpendicular to the cut surface!

Here we go:

Late in the evening, use a big bowl to mix together, shape into a ragged ball and cover. Leave overnight:
Flour, 3 cups white (heaping)
Salt, teaspoon
Yeast, half teaspoon or half pack
Water, one cup

Next morning, mix in:
Whole wheat flour, 2 cups
White flour, one cup and more to ensure dough is not sticky
Milk or water or coconut milk, one cup

Knead well, shape into a ball, dust with flour, cover and set aside for an hour or so.

Grease a big iron pot, or large loaf pan. I use coconut oil and just swish it around to coat the inside of the pot or pan.

Punch down the ball of dough, dust with more flour, shape and set in the greased pot/ pan and leave until it has risen well up to the top of your pot/pan, at least two hours.

Preheat oven to 380. Bake for 40 minutes. Turn out of the pot or pan (careful, HOT!) and return to the oven for 10- 20 minutes. Cool well before cutting.

Bread is the satisfying filler that goes with everything: salad, meat, soup! Enjoy!

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